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Pay by Wire
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The following information is needed in order to wire funds to the account of Hogan Assessments Systems, Inc.:


Bank Name: Prosperity Bank 301 North Mechanic El Campo, TX 77437
ABA Routing No.: 113122655
Account Name: Hogan Assessment Systems, Inc.
Account No.: contact [email protected]
Reference: Hogan Invoice #
Contact: Amy Brown
Phone: 918-749-0632
Fax: 918-749-0635
Address: 11 S Greenwood Tulsa, OK 74120



Please initiate all payments in US Dollars. As indicated in the Hogan Standard Distributor Agreement, any bank fees associated with the funds being transferred, which may be deducted by the originating or the intermediary banking institution, should be added to the initial wire amount.


In order for us to best serve you, please include your Customer ID or Invoice Number with any communication.


To ensure proper credit, please include remittance information with your payment.

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