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Invoice FAQs
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These are some of our most frequently asked questions around:


Receiving invoices
Finding invoices online
Modifying invoices
Third-party billing

Payment Terms


When will I get my invoice?

Monthly invoices are sent within three business days following the last day of each month.



Can I get my invoice before the end of the month?

No, we are only able to invoice for the entire month once the month is completed.



What is included on my invoice?

Billing is triggered for all reports created on a client account. Monthly invoices are for transactions from the first through the last day of each month. 



Can I get my invoice in my local currency?

No, all invoices and payments are conducted in US Dollars.



How do I get my invoice?

Monthly invoices are sent via email to the billing contact on the account. We can also send snail mail, but prefer to email. 



Can I receive my invoice in an Excel format?

Yes, we can provide a Data Vault for a $50 monthly fee.



Can I find my invoices online?

If you are eligible for ePay, you are able to view basic formatted invoices through your ePay account.  See our Hogan ePay page for more information.



Can you modify my invoice?

Yes we can modify an invoice; there is a $50 per invoice fee for us to manually modify an invoice. The fee is included on the modified invoice.


Do you do third-party billing? Can you bill my client?

No, Hogan can only bill the party responsible for generating the report. 



What are Hogan's standard payment terms?

Unless otherwise agreed to, all invoices are due Net 30.



Can I make payments on my invoice or make partial payments?

Invoices are due in full upon the due date as determined by payment terms. You can make partial payments, but the remainder of the invoice will become due on that date. You will receive communication regarding your overdue balance until the invoice is paid in full.

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